Pink~the lighthearted color of happiness.

the journal of pinkfrappuccino >o<

♥ Amy/Pink o(> o <)o ♥

Made by Ayu: http://sgt-spud.deviantart.com

Loves: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, cute things, pink, ♥ STARBUCKS ♥
Dislikes: bugs, gorey movies, vegetables, waiting in lines
I enjoy drawing and spending time with friends. I love to shop too. ^^ Disney World
is my favorite place to go to, and I love Stitch. I am always
trying to improve on my lolita and cosplay. My dream
is to one day learn Japanese and make many lolita friends. xP

♫ If you wanna be friends, add me! ♫

visit: http://pinkfrappuccino.deviantart.com/