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soo many posts...xD

haha im making another post because I haven't posted in aggggess..but here are some drawings I've done recently.

I drew my OC pony called Shooting Star. she's an earth pony with my favorite ^^;
I drew her two different ways..the Lauren Faust way and the original MLP way. :D
I am a big fan of both shows, but I kind of like the newer one better xD
I use Shooting Star when I go on MLParena, so if you are on that site also you might recognize her! ^^

I love fairy kei and sparkles so I added a special touch to the design..hahaha!

okay now thats really it..byebyeee
My little pony

dA and random blurbs

sooo otakon 2011 is over -sad- but we took a lot of pictures of our cosplay groups~ this year my friend and I went as aurica and cloche from ar tonelico I and II. It was one of her favorite games and she really wanted to do a cosplay. we also had a 7 person vocaloid group which was fun. :P
it included miku, rin, miki, gumi, teto, meiko and neru! it was the biggest group we've ever had! xP

my friend and I recently made a deviantart can see all of our cosplay pics here: :D

^ picture of me as Aurica Nestmile taken by Paul Karpey ^o^

at the moment it has our Ar tonelico pictures and my Meltdown Rin cosplay pictures. =] but since New York Anime Festival is right around the corner, it will soon contain even more pictures!

our cosplay for NYAF is going to be Melody and Rhythm from Suite Pretty Cure. it's kind of random, but my friend and I fell in love with pretty cure a few years back and have been waiting for an opportunity to cosplay from it. ;D

I will be melody and my friend will be rhythm! it's convenient because melody has the tanner skin out of the two and blue eyes, and my skin is tanner and I already own blue contacts. ^__^ haha, it's nice how these things work out...

on another note, midterms are right around the corner..oh noes..
I should probably be studying atm..but nahhh

also I watched the first 2 episodes of MLP FiM season 2 and it's AMAZING! I didn't think this season would be any better than the first, but it might actually be! evil Fluttershy is the funniest thing ever..she is still so cute but hilarious at the same time xD

okay I guess that's all for now..see you guys later!

My little pony


hello people! sooo recently one of my favorite shows to watch has become "my little pony: friendship is magic". I feel like such a loser writing that, but I think it's such an adorable show! xD (maybe this is slightly influenced by the fact that I have been collecting my little ponies since I was little...^^;) anyways, I adore the new take on the old series, and I love the art style. there is also good plot, nice animation, good themes...I could go on and on! I think more people should watch the show, especially fans of my little pony! my favorite character is twilight sparkle. she was one of my favorite characters in the original series, (twilight, that is..she had a slightly different design/personality). I also have her figure, so I am a bit biased xD

I decided to draw myself as a pony..because I have nothing better to do with my life...xD I think I would be a unicorn because I like magic..and I couldn't be a pegasus because I'm afraid of heights. ^^;
my symbol is a pink frappuccino...hehe xP

anyways, on another note, angelic pretty released the new print called 'aqua princess'. I actually really like the cut of the OP. the blue x purple version would go really well with a two-tone wig I have, so I am contemplating buying it. I can't exactly afford it at the moment but maybe it will be for sale this year at otakon?

well I guess that's it for now. thanks for reading!

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it's summmer timee! almost..

so my classes are done but I still gotta do final much fun..yaaay
but nevertheless I am really excited for this summer! summer means the best convention of the year- OTAKON!
this year I have come up with a few new costumes (which still need to be worked on.. a LOT) which will all remain a surprise! haha just kidding :P
I am planning on cosplaying Rin again from Vocaloid as well as Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon..and a few others..
now I am reminded of how much work remains to be done -__________- WHHHYYY
haha but I am sooo psyched! I have been going to Otakon since wayy back in 2008 (lolz) and have always had a great time. it is the best convention evvver! (on the east coast)
this year I hope to have the best experience of all! ^_^
I hope they have awesome musical guests, like a famous Japanese one xD *hint* *hint*
even though I am taking more classes this summer and stuff..I still think it'll be real fun :]
my other project for the summer is to photograph and fix up all of my cosplay costumes and lolita outfits..I think it could be really helpful to have good pictures of all of them..I need to buy 2 new wigs and more colored contacts xD joy..hehe
okay that's all for now...thanks for reading! (if anyone is..lulz)

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long time no post...

geez I haven't written anything in here in ages. My last convention post was from october 0__0
anyways, I've gone to two other conventions since that post. katsucon and zenkaikon!

I went as Rin again from Vocaloid..I just love cosplaying her so much! <3

anyways katsucon was fun this year, there weren't as many people but it was still good. the dealer's room also had a lack of stationary Dx
the other convention I went to was zenkaikon, which was exponentially bigger than it was the first time I attended. I was totally surprised!
I was only there one day and didn't dress up, but I'm glad that Philly conventions are starting to become more legitimate. ^^

I seriously can't wait for school to end though..I've been counting down the's almost exactly four weeks until my last class! this summer is going to be amazing, the highlight definitely being otakon. I've got some exciting cosplays lined up and I can't wait to wear them. gaaaaaah~

okay I'm going to go do something else now.
thanks for reading!


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neopets are aweesomme lol

Hehe, recently I drew this picture for my neopets lookup 'ambika456':

It's supposed to be me and my two aisha! Before I got into lolita and cosplay, I was obsessed with neopets. xD I would go on like..every day and try to make neopoints. My favorite pets that I have are my faerie aisha Taru and baby aisha Kay. (Taru is the blue cat and Kay is the grey one) I used to write all these stories about them and put them on their web pages. ^^;
I randomly started going on again recently because I was bored and I realized that I still love my neopets..xP So I drew some pictures of them and put them on neopets. was amazing this year. I got a lot of awesome gifts ^^ My favorite is my xbox.. xP

I also got a new AP dress and I really want to take some pictures of it for daily lolita..hopefully my coordinate is good enough D:

well thats it for now! I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!

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NYAF cosplay pics

My friend and I took some pictures at new york anime festival. my sister took the pictures for us, she is alot better at photography than either of us xD I was so happy that she was nice enough to do all this for us. love you sis <3

I am aware that our pictures are a little blurry etc, but hopefully you can look past that lol!
my friend is dressed up as Miku from Vocaloid and I'm dressed up as Rin. we're both wearing alternate outfits becuase we found them more interesting than their regular outfits..
please enjoy! and thanks for reading! ^^

this was our first year at nyaf. normally I don't go to new york conventions, but we decided to break out of the mold and try something new this year. compared to other conventions like otakon, there was alot less anime stuff and much more comic stuff. (probably because its new york comic con xD) that aspect of the convention wasn't my favorite, but on the whole it was a fun convention and we met alot of interesting people.
I was surprised by the amount of cute stuff we bought at artist's alley! there were many adorable accessories to be found! ^^
overall I think going to nyaf is worth it, but next year I hope they have more anime!
thats it for now,
love from pink!
and happy holidays!
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Thanks to my attending the AP Paris Tea Party I was photographed for Kera magazine! I'm in the black sugary carnival..

Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be in the november issue as well. xD I was photographed again at Otakon, an anime convention. =D
My little pony

summer plans ! :3 this year is almost over. it's crazy! i can't believe i'm actually graduating high school this's surreal. four years of torturous work and SATs and ACTs and's finally OVER. haha, i'm so thrilled! :)
now i have an entire summer which i can spend relaxing and doing nothing related to school..until college starts! xD

i'm sure you want to know about the various trips i'm taking this summer..the first is to germany and france, and when i'm in france i will be attending the angelic pretty tea party! *o* i have always dreamed of going to one..but sadly my location does not permit me to..stupid east coast Dx i can't wait and i'm so excited to go! :)
after that in july i will be attending Otakon in Baltimore, the best convention ever! haha, i heard it's going to be 26,000 people this year? 0_0

this year i am cosplaying as grell from kuroshitsuji and aurica from ar tonelico..i got my aurica costume in the mail today and i love it! it's so cute..and my grell costume should be coming soon..=] my friend is going as ciel from kuroshitsuji and misha from ar tonelico, so we will have a small very small, two people! xD but i'm soo excited!

last year at otakon they had an entire booth of angelic pretty, if they have that again this year im positive that i will go broke xD and also, i just found out that kanon wakeshima is going to otakon this year! i am so happy, and she will have a concert. i don't know if i shall go or not, because i attended her concert last year.

i am also going to matsuricon in ohio in august. it is alot smaller than otakon but i am still excited! my friend and i will be wearing the same cosplay costumes as we are wearing for otakon.

off topic: why is the new AP print milky planet soooo adorable? haha, of course i have 0 funds right now, and neeeedd it in pink or's tooo cute to pass on..must...have..

ttyl <3

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new skirt

ugh this week has been terrible (regarding school work.) they are piling on all the crap in order to finish off the semester.
and then of course midterms are in 2 weeks and im completely screwed.
on the bright side, my AP dream dollhouse skirt arrived! I love seeing the prints close up, they are so pretty *o*

I took this picture at night...bad idea lol

I need to iron it and get out all the annoying wrinkles..
my room is such a mess xDD
anyways...i got the skirt in black so it would match with my sugary carnival in black...which is also new!
hopefully i will finish my coord soon so i can upload some pictures of me wearing it. =P

i guess that's all for now!
thanks for reading =]